B+G&S has developed its quality management system over the years; which system has proven highly successful for the Company as a working business tool to deliver consistently high quality services.

B+G&S Quality Management System:

-Covers every aspect of the services to be provided.
-Has been tried, tested and refined in the Company’s operations.
-Is focused on customer and client requirements.
-Pro-actively manages standards through a process of continuous self-assessment.
-Provides benchmarks for objective client and management monitoring. -Encompasses the commitment of each member of B+G&S Staff.
-Is supported by established, complementary training programmes.
-Is unit specific, being flexible enough to meet individual needs yet systematically delivering consistently high standards.
-Incorporates ISO 9002 quality systems to ensure that effective controls are consistently and adequately applied to B+G&S work processes and to provide a record of B+G&S quality-related activities.